He works on website design, branding, logos, photography and more. Michael is web developer based in Toronto that designs and develops websites with Statamic, Tailwind and Netlify. James is a Ruby on Rails web developer with over 10 years of experience in the field. He focuses on simplicity and user friendly ideas that provide functionality in a company website. Is a UK-based creative and research-driven content writer and editor with 8+ years of experience. He owns a Masters of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing from Coventry University.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples to Take Inspiration From

  1. A testimonial can range from a few sentences of good words for a specific project or a complete review of your performance.
  2. It’s easy for a talented artist to have their work diminished by lackluster web design.
  3. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and prepared for impactful careers in tech.
  4. Despite its simple appearance, the portfolio displays elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your projects in 2024, exploring top web developer portfolio examples examples can provide valuable insights. With over twenty-one years of hands-on experience and a passion for delivering considered user experiences, John Kavanagh’s portfolio is sure to spark your creativity and elevate your projects. A good online portfolio gets out of the way and showcases the work. Show your potential employers and potential clients— don’t just tell them. A freelancer portfolio is a curated collection of your best work as a freelancer that can be used as a professional tool to display your skills, creativity and experience to potential clients.

Antonio Prisco – Creative Director, Sr Graphic Designer & Freelance Fashion Designer

The design of this site is simple and straightforward, providing easy access to his works, resume, and blog. Moreover, there’s a section where he outlines his previous work. It’s an interesting way of guiding visitors through his web design career.

Adeola Adeoti

And while it’s almost certainly a temporary state of affairs, if you want to ride it out then it would help to give your portfolio an update to paint yourself in the best possible light. The above tips will help you build a freelance portfolio that will help you land clients and make a great impression. Remember, your portfolio is an extension of your brand, so make sure it reflects who you are and what you do best. However, taking Udacity’s Digital Marketing and Digital Freelancer Nanodegrees will help you become fully prepared. A portfolio can also be a great way to show off your range as a freelancer. If you have a diverse range of skills and experience, a portfolio can help you show that off.

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Text appears, describing his role on each project, e.g., “I led the design on a Volvo pitch.” Often this type of information gets buried within the text or ignored completely. Communicating this in such an eye-catching yet straightforward way is smart design. As you scroll down the page, sections of her line art animate as if brought to life by your cursor. You can also open up an unconventional hamburger menu in the top, but it’s more fun to explore the whirls of lines and click the navigation.

Lyn has more than 10 years of experience as a professional web developer. Her portfolio site also includes examples of graphic design and typography. She works with startups and companies and is an advocate for people of color and diversity in tech. The style of Ruben’s portfolio site is one that many developers will probably recognize. He manages to show his credibility, technical expertise, and testimonials in a seamless package.This is a top portfolio and could serve as some real inspiration for your next portfolio build. At the top, you can find social media contact info and an email address.

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With a single-page layout, the website provides a quick overview of the tools Guillaume utilizes, along with highlights of his four latest impressive projects. Dimitri Ossykovaris is a front-end developer based in Brussels, who has launched a fresh portfolio website to showcase his talents. When you first arrive, you’ll notice a creative touch—a fake loading screen that adds a bit of excitement before diving into the site’s content.

Dries’ website is carefully designed, highlighting all important details, including the bright prompt text highlighting the author’s bio, the carousel, the small animated icons, etc. This web dev portfolio has a blog page containing tech articles. Build projects, big or small, and when you feel ready, head out there to find your first small job. By now, you should know what tools you’ll build your freelance web dev portfolio with. That said, now is a good time to think about how you’ll build your portfolio website. For my clients, this means faster turnarounds and less work, since they don’t have to hire an entire team of developers.

Try to keep it relevant (no need to go into detail about where you live or how many pets you have!) and bonus points if you have links to blog posts, podcast episodes, or webinars you’ve done. A handy way of doing https://www.trading-market.org/ this is by making a screen recording of yourself talking through the project, using a tool like Loom. It’s a great way to convey your process to show potential employers how you approach programming tasks.

If you’re interested in making a web developer portfolio with an attractive interface, then Cyd Stumpel is a great portfolio website example. As an award-winning creative developer, her portfolio truly demonstrates her creative talents. The Craftsmen’s has the most distinct layout of all web developer portfolios on the list.

Patrick David’s site is another creative web developer portfolio to get website ideas from. Using his design skills, he combines both stylish typography and beautiful graphics to create a visually appealing effect. Above all the neat design flourishes and personal history, it’s important to remember a portfolio is a showcase. Why not give yourself the best possible chance at getting hired? If you are focusing more on frontend development or are planning on working as a freelance web developer, a portfolio website is a key way to impress potential employers and clients.

Tamal Senj’s website has a nice “developer’s” touch that blends so well with the dark-ish look. But at the same time, the colored details elevate the scrolling experience, that’d also be amazing without it. There’s no header and footer, which keep the minimalist level at an all-time high. However, there’s a neat sidebar with links to social media (or home when viewing internal pages). Sharlee has an engaging full-screen home page design with an animated background. It uses a day and light switcher and an overlayed hamburger menu with navigation and social media links.